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Loving Lately: The Doors

I have a fascination with doors. Actually doors, windows and benches. But today I’m focusing on doors. They can be ornate, simple, freshly painted, tattered… I love to think about the stories that go along with them. The people that live behind them.


As a little girl I remember seeing a door on the side of a mound covered with grass. A root cellar maybe? More likely a hobbit who wants to be left alone…

I think about a small rectangular door I saw on the top of a home. I never thought about it being a window. I only questioned how in the world does the person who lives there get in?

I like to think I’m much more practical with the stories I associate with doors now. A billionaire, an artist…

I find that I am particularly drawn to doors with flowers around. Because clearly that means someone lives there and takes care of there home.

And what about the other point of view? The doors that lead out, more than leading in?

I really could go on and on.

And I have to note that I cannot take credit for any of these photos. But if you are interested in finding more information about them you can find them on Pinterest @sadiesnest under “The Doors”.


Okay, that’s it. Goodbye. (I’m shutting the door)


  1. Love these doors, and I completely agree … I love doors surrounded with flowers! And I love the “looking out a door” photos! There’s a lotta love in this reply! 😉

  2. Have you seen the Fairy Doors all over Ann Arbor? They are so creative and fun! It’s fun to wonder where all the fairies are in their busy day!

  3. Love the charm and character of these old doors… they make me think about all the generations of people who have turned their knobs and crossed their thresholds. So many stories behind these beauties!

  4. Doors are magical. What a fascinating post Sadie. A lot goes on behind a closed door ! What a lovely variety of pics you have. My hubby thought I was insane, when I insisted we have a new front door, but it had to be unique. I didn’t want the same as everyone else, like the ones mass produced. It was interesting, The guy who made ours, listened and produced. I love my front door 🙂

  5. What a fun post. The photos you chose are beautiful and unique. I definitely will be coming back for more. Although you had me at the Erma Bomeck, one of very best favorites.

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