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Loving Lately: Outdoor Entertaining

Obsessed is such a strong word. So please note I use it lightly, but not very lightly, when I say I am obsessed with over-the-top outdoor entertaining ideas.


You really can’t get overly dramatic for me. Candlelit chandeliers? Antlers? Gardens worth of fresh flowers? Bring it.


Naturally, since I am still recovering from a nasty fall, I am pining over what could be.


Just think of the possibilities… if I was at full strength… and money were no object…


Or if I had 100 candles and lanterns.


Don’t you just love the thought of being surrounded by your loved ones, breaking bread, on a perfect night of weather, on your own farm? (Because obviously that is how it always happens.)


But I’ll be honest, I’d be elated just to be outside with my family if it turned out like this…


Because outdoor entertaining is the best. (And so is Pinterest for sharing all of these pictures with me).


  1. Thank goodness for Pinterest! So many pretty photos. And yes I totally agree on being surrounded by loved ones and having supper in the farm! Would love that. I hope your recovery is going well my friend x

  2. Ahhh….if money were no object – the things we could create!! 🙂 Beautiful photos Sadie – I can’t decide which backyard’s my favorite!! 🙂

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