Loving Lately ☀️

I read somewhere recently that Michigan had a record setting number of days in a row without sunshine. I’m not against a moody day to cozy up every now and then… and then it’s like -whoa, one day too many. And you realize that it’s not just the weather that’s stinkin’ gloomy. (Maybe you’ve read too many of those political Facebook posts?) Anyway, it sure makes one appreciate when the sun comes out.

Isn’t that laughter? How about sunshine AND laughter? Yes please! Image from http://buzzsharer.com

Today is one of those days, even a little blue sky to boot… so I’m going to keep this short and soak up some rays, albeit through the heated side of my window pane.


Shine on! 🌞

Featured image courtesy of (and available for purchase from) Lily & Val.


  1. I hear ya, Sadie! We’ve had three days in a row with sunshine and blue skies after a very looong winter with amazing amounts of snow, sub-zero temps, etc. When the sun broke through, I about cried tears of JOY!! 😉
    Enjoy soaking up that sunshine!!

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