cake pans

Loving Lately ❀️

Loving Lately #1: Grilling Outdoors

I know the official BBQ season is all summer long. And I really do enjoy all of the hamburgers and hot dogs, etc. But there is something about grilling when it’s notΒ ridiculously hot out that makes it so much more fun! These cool evenings are amazing, such a beautiful reminder of how good life can be! I love grilling! (A new hobby I picked up this year) And I really love grilling on cooler evenings, while the sun is still out and the breeze blows the smell of BBQ everywhere. It’s like the best ever.

The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch Style Chicken isn’t bad either;)


Loving Lately #2: Molded Bakeware

Do you see what I tried to do there? Anyway, I am gaga over shaped ‘tins’. I haven’t even scratched the surface of my molded bakeware stockpile. Nordic Ware is where it’s at. And rightfully so! They make everything look like a piece of art. Any cake or bread baked in these and served on any table or given as a gift is an instant winner. If it tastes half decent but comes out of one of these in a perfect shape, then you have succeeded. It does the work for you. Does Nordic Ware sponsor? How can I sign up for that?