Loving Lately 🚣

Loving Lately: The Great Outdoors

Does it seem like I’ve been on vacation forever? It feels like that to me. Maybe it’s just a state of mind. Anyway school’s out and we are outdoors. We are on hikes, canoe rides and kayak trips. I can write a little from our cabin and post it when we get to town. It’s been awesome really. We don’t even have phone service let alone Internet. I am connecting with nature and recharging my batteries. We’ll be back when we’re done exploring…

Gone Camping

It’s happened. I have checked out. You know how various peopleΒ place those “Gone Fishing” signs on their door? It’s like that. I kind of wish I was a fisherwoman and could escape to my favorite fishing hole, just a walk away from work. Well, not really- because I travel with a lot of kids. But equally as enticing (for me at this moment), is camping.


We are exploring. We are unplugged.


We are watching the sunsets in swing sets.


And making ice cream mustaches (or goatees).


So don’t come looking for me for a while, because I’m out.


But I’ll be back. πŸ˜‰

Loving Lately 🚎

Loving Lately: A Camper

I can leisure camp with the best of ’em. I’ve camped out through nights so cold that I slept with my shoes on and the only thing sticking out of my mummy bag was my frozen nose. I’ve lived the joys of camping in weather so hot that you can hardly breath- let alone sleep. I know what it’s like to have the rain dripping inside of the tent because you’ve managed to come into contact with the canvas. And I’ve experienced hardly being able to get the pop-up off of the lot because the torrential downpour turned your space into a mud pit. I remember having to call the trip short because the mosquitos were so relentless outdoor activity was not possible. And I don’t want to think about the dangerous levels of Deet I’ve sprayed on my skin. Call me crazy… but that’s the good stuff! (Once you’ve gotten home, bathed and slept.) Because it makes for a lifetime of memories and naturally makes you appreciate all of those perfect days with sunshine and gentle breezes.


My niece: Bad mosquito year of 2009

We’ve been shopping for a camper (aka travel trailer) for the fam, and I’m so excited I can hardly sleep at night thinking of the possibilities. We’ve visited some RV lots and have been perusing the web for ideas. I think we’ve narrowed in on what is going to work for us. Of course we need a 6 sleeper, and I’m partial to something with a hard frame…


Setting up Camp 2007

I’ve done the tenting thing. I appreciate the simplicity and the ruggedness of it. But we stopped with that after baby number two. I was pregnant with baby number three, sleeping on a blow up mattress, crammed in a space growing tighter by the minute, hoping the weather would hold off. I want a trailer we can tow, so that getting around town wherever we land is a cinch. And I’m not looking to “air out” a pop-up after having to pack it up wet due to rainy weather. I want something that can go at any minute, and is ready to sleep in as soon as we hit the brakes… no matter how late we roll into camp.


Gotta have firewood (this picture makes me laugh out loud every time)

I’ve already been contemplating the pots and cast iron pans I can contribute from the house. I’m envisioning the acrylic plates and glasses I need to buy that will travel well in the cupboards. But most importantly, I’m thinking about the places we’re going to see and the experiences my kids are going to have on the open road. From the Liberty Bell in Pennsylvania to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Black Hills of South Dakota to Yosemite National Park in California… I’m ecstatic with anticipation. I want to take them down Highway 1 and across Route 66, I’m nostalgic that way. And I’m certainly not above tourist traps like the world’s biggest ball of yarn. Lookout road, here we come!


Fireside 2015

Noah’s First Birthday!

Our little baby (our young buck) finally turned one. I knew with his birthday being so close to Thanksgiving that I did not want to continue a harvest theme… which lead me to think about what else was seasonal. Here in the northern midwest, hunting season is well under way. Perfect! Time to take the mounted rifle off of the wall.


It’s kind of a tradition to go big on the first birthday. I really don’t know why, because they’re not going to remember it. But the rest of us do. Actually, using so much of our hunting and camping stuff made it pretty easy and a lot of fun. We set up camp, starting with the front porch.


Welcome to Camp Noah

We had a small chili cook off in the lodge (aka ‘the dining room’), which was tasty and very appropriate (at least for the hunters I know). There were four entries, and I am sorry to say I did not get a good picture of them… but you can just picture four pots of chili. And the winner went to (dramatic pause) my sister, aka ‘the chef’ because it was really good. (I voted for her chili and I had an entry myself!) I also thought it was a good idea to use all of the cast iron I could find in my cupboards to set the table with toppings and sides for the chili.


Camouflage was everywhere- even on the S’more inspired cake.



I love dressing for the theme.


We set up camp in the living room.


Using our undecorated Christmas tree was a nice touch (thanks mom). We also tried to camouflage the TV, with a deer.


I saw this really cute photo op on Pinterest. So naturally I had to replicate it. (Side note: If you are new to my blog, I have a big thing about photograph opportunities at the parties I host.) And now that I have a blog I love to post the pictures all over the internet, because that’s the kind of friend/mother/daughter/sister/aunt/wife I am.

Happy Birthday Noah! We love you!