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Loving Lately: VidAngel

Occasionally there are iconic scenes from various movies that I tend to quote or relate to, especially in my interpretation. I like to reference these movies like everyone knows what I’m talking about. What I don’t say is that I don’t watch them, or haven’t in a long time… not in there entirety anyway… and sometimes wouldn’t at this point in my life. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of a prude. There was a time in my life (namely before children) that I was much more relaxed about my screening process. I don’t know why we were able to watch the movies we did when I was a kid. Seriously. After coercing my unexcited children into viewing a film ‘mommy liked when I was little’ I have been shocked (more than once) by some of the language, scenes and innuendoes that I didn’t remember (or which obviously went over my head). Maybe you’re all like “Oh Sadie, get over it”… I just won’t. But maybe you’re like “Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you’re talking about”… so this is for you! Have you checked out VidAngel? You basically can opt out of whatever bothers you and set restrictions based on your offenses. I’ve set it so far that it even took out insults like “idiot” and “moron,” which is extreme even for me… but who am I to judge? I LOVE it. I can pretty much watch any movie with my kids with comfort. Granted you have to pay attention to the content. I can’t expect to watch a war movie and not see or hear them talk about war. You catch the drift.

VidAngel streams through ROKU, chromecast, Apple TV and more. Oh, and it only costs $1 per movie!! For more information check out Friday night movie night full of fun and food has turned into common practice around here!

Image courtesy of VidAngel and the internet