The Differences Between France and Here

Some of you probably already know my love of France: the language, the bicycle baskets with baguettes sticking out, the scarves… It started at an early age, with a very influential teacher who loved the language and the country. In elementary school she would teach us the French words for colors, numbers and simple greetings. It culminated in high school when I had a fantastic educator who loved the French culture, and not only taught the language but the history, artists, literature, and architecture. And it continued in college when I decided it was what I knew and loved best… (But please don’t ask me to speak, I’m very rusty.)


The Louvre with my girls…


Recently a friend of mine (seen above… all the way to the right), who accompanied me on one of my trips to France, sent me a link to demonstrate the differences between every day occurrences in the U.S. and France. I thought it was humorous (and in a particular circumstance, very true to my own experience when asking for directions). Amusez-vous bien! Enjoy!

French Girls vs. American Girls (You need to click on the video 😉)

Please note as portrayed in my “Featured Image” about to lunch in Paris with my college BFF, Maria, I can eat well anywhere I am.


  1. 🙂 Too much fun! I love the picture you put on…I don’t have that one….you should tell all the stories in an ode to France post lol….you know street water, the train ride…the concierge “didn’t” know English. It was a great trip:)

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