The Honest Company

Usually a business with ‘honest’ in the name would instantly make me skeptical. It’s like driving on the highway and seeing a sign that says some fill-in-the-blank restaurant at the next exit is “EZ on-EZ off,” hilarious. But since the founder and spokesperson is largely recognizable, and her claims were very specific; to be naturally derived, safe for the environment and healthy for children, I took the bait.

Of course, being a stay-at home mom of 4, with two children still in diapers, a trip to the grocery store is like a major event. So, the convenience of having things such as laundry and dish detergent (which we go through at an incredible rate) sent right to my door is like amazing. But the fact that I have now used the products and am happy about it is… (hmmm, how do you top amazing? Even more amazing?) even more amazing! I

The list of products they make is pretty extensive and the accolades, certifications and verifications are impressive. You can find them at

Photo courtesy of The Honest Company

Photo courtesy of The Honest Company

Disclaimer: On a complete whim I felt like doing a product plug; to share information about useful products that I feel good about purchasing in case others would like to know. I am in no way affiliated with The Honest Company or any relation to Jessica Alba (but from every angle, we do look like twins.)


  1. Nice Sarah!
    When are you going to reveiw Glock pistols, AK 47s or iron pots and pans? Ha!

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