Door to Door Organics

Loving Lately 🍏🍒🥒🥝🥕

It’s time to start the new year off right! So for my first edition of the Sadie’s Nest “Loving Lately” 2017, I’m keeping it real with my current favorite… Door to Door Organics! My sister and brother-in-law surprised me this holiday season with a gift subscription to the on-line grocery store with home delivery. In case you missed that, it’s an on-line grocery store with HOME DELIVERY! (Some of you might have been doing this for years…) I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve already had two deliveries!

I can literally choose any recipe from one of my favorite blogs or cookbooks and just click on the desired ingredients from the comfort of my pajamas, and then up to two times a week a delivery person will bring my order to my front door. The one catch, if you want to call it that, is I have to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables with every order. I chose the “Bitty Mixed Box” (which is plenty). It means that with every delivery I will receive $19.99 worth of organic and local fresh fruits and vegetables. I can let them choose seasonal offerings or I can substitute for selections I think would suit us better. Door to Door Organics has a huge variety of products, most of them local (which I love). I can specify a list of offerings that are all non-GMO (which I also love) and their certified organic selection (hence their name) is terrific! Organic Worcestershire sauce and Kalamata olives? Got it.

If your order adds up to over $75 (not hard to do with a family of 6), delivery is free. Oh, and as if it couldn’t get any better… it does. On your next delivery date just leave out all of the previous boxes and packaging and they will recycle/take-care-of-it for you! I might never have to leave the house again.


Update: Sadly, as of November 2017 doortodoororganics is no longer providing services.