Decor Dilemma… I Need Your Help!

My latest obsession is Wayfair. Truly, I don’t think there is any item that I have done a search for on their site that I haven’t found in one fashion or another. Amazing! Even better- a few weeks ago I received a $100 Wayfair gift card from a friend. (Cheer of jubilation!) Since then my mind has been reeling about making the right purchase. I’m not in a place in my life where I want to acquire things I don’t need or won’t use. (Which is not to say I don’t have an extensive wish list.) I just want the things I purchase to serve a purpose and have a function (even if that function is in the form of art that is pleasant to look at). There are just so many choices… So I’ve decided to include my readers in the decision making process! I’m going to show you my top faves and ask you tell me your favorite in the comments. Whichever item gets the most love is the one I’m going to buy!

Firstly, if I want to be completely practical, my daughter could use a new dresser. The one we have was passed on to us from an uncle. I appreciate the notion of re-using items and giving them more life. It was an ugly pressed-board set that we painted white and gave new hardware. It has done it’s job, but no longer works very well. The drawers never stay on track, they fall on the drawer below making about all of them darn near impossible to open. You know how it goes. This Beachcrest Home Dresser was made in the USA (an optional search setting on and is already painted white! Yay!

Next, I really like this stand up mirror. Isn’t it so pretty? I think it would be perfect on the wall in my bedroom! Look at the detail! And I have to tell you that it is called the Sadie Mirror. Sadie Mirror! I mean, come on. It’s meant to be.

I’ve been wanting to replace the art that hangs behind my living room sofa for a long time. My mom and dad bought us a very nice print for our first apartment. It was exactly what I wanted; whimsy, cheerful, colorful… and I’m just tired of it. My tastes have changed. I think this “Blue Nest” print would update my space and compliment my curtains nicely. It evokes the farmhouse feel that I love while keeping the colors and textures simplified. I just think it’s beautiful. (Side note: The name Sadie’s Nest, was more of an epithet to capture my home, but I am surprised how many birds, poultry, fowl, and the related items I literally have around my house. The endearment is real.)


The aforementioned fondness of bird decor is also why this “Usual Suspects Birds on a Wire” print is in the running for the same spot. How cute are those birds on a wire! Is it me? My mom has had this great, retro, pewter birds on a wire necklace that I love. My sister has it… it’s a sore spot. (Not really.) Needless to say, my affection runs deep, and I think this too would look great hanging above the sofa.


Wayfair has so much more than just furniture and home decor. I could go bananas in the kitchen department. Their selection of tableware, small appliances, cookware, gadgets, linens, etc. is huge! However, due to my already full storage I have to be selective. Which is why I’ve narrowed my search down to oven-safe soup bowls. For years I have wanted to place my individual servings of French Onion Soup under the broiler to melt and slightly brown my Gruyère… to no avail. So, it’s only right that they be included in the possibilities! But here’s the other thing, I can’t decide on which style… so if this is your pick, I am also leaving that up to you! (Be specific please.) The selections are: Graupera Pottery Artisans bowls made in Spain, the white Le Creuset, or the clear glass Luminarc bowls made in the USA.

Last, but not least, is the option of this bench from the Wayfair French Country Bedroom collection. I’ve wanted to replace the treadmill with a dainty bench under the window from the moment we set it up. (I’d probably use it a lot more too.) I think this Mayotte Two Seat Bench would really transform the whole space. La vie en rose.

I could go on… but I don’t want to overwhelm you with choices. Do you see my dilemma? And don’t even get me started on TV stands! Maybe one day I’ll do this again with only entertainment centers? (That’s a good idea!) Until then, I would truly be happy, over-the-top elated with any of these! I can’t wait to hear what you think and I am looking forward to putting my gift card toward good use on the winner!

Feature image courtesy of Wayfair French Country Bedroom collection.

Comments are closed and the decision has been made! Thank you everyone who took the time to comment below and on Facebook! It was a close vote, only winning by one… but the results are in… and I ordered the dresser! Thanks again to everyone who commented. 🙂


  1. Well your daughter really needs a new dresser, but if it was a gift card for YOU then I would either get the Sadie Mirror or the Blue Nest print. But the cook in me really wants you to get the Graupera Pottery bowls. Now I am no help, am I??? 😀

  2. OMG…such hard choices. I vote for the dresser. Having one that doesn’t work properly would be such an annoyance to me. I love all of your choices. You can’t go wrong with any of them. Gotta go now and take a look at Wayfair for myself!

  3. P.S. I get lost shopping on Houzz. I have found some incredible buys. I have been pleased with all of my purchases. Take a look at their website too for decorating ideas and solutions. Cheers!

  4. I would go with the white soup bowls… this is something you could use now. The other things would take work and rearrangement… why that! Let’s just have some soup!

  5. Okay, I’m a little bias because I’ve always loved window benches. (I could seriously put one in every room in the house). There’s just something so picturesque and dreamy about window benches that I have to vote for that! I do have other reasons though: benches are both cute and functional, all your current artwork in your home is beautiful, and I think your bowls will come soon anyway because you have no problem buying kitchen items😂 Can’t wait to see what you decide😊

  6. I’m loving the window bench!! I agree with Annie…I always appreciate a great window bench! Plus benches serve many purposes…you can use it as extra seating with company, or a nice foot stool…all the while looking super cute!

  7. I have 2 choices. #1 is the bench. I think it will be useful and lovely. #2 is the mirror. I’ve never seen one like it. It would be a great decor item forever.

  8. I vote for the dresser. It’s a need with long term purpose. Birds on the wire? How about a bird table book. The mirror? While nice in a room not practical for use. Bowls? Nice but something for the boys to break. Who needs a cereal bowl that big anyway? Window seat? That’s a tough one: what’s not to like? Great problem to have though. It’s win, win or win.

  9. I’m sorry if I’m late to the discussion, Sadie!! These are all great choices, and I, too, love Wayfair!! 😀 I wish there were a way to order them all, but I think I’d lean towards the dresser or the Sadie mirror. It sounds a new dresser might be in order anyway if it no longer works as well as is it used to!

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