Ringing in the New Year & the Winner

I’d love to say that it’s a tradition of mine to ring in the new year with glitz & glam, song & noise, friends & fun…

That would be a bold faced lie.

In fact, it seems like for the past few years I was pregnant or up most of the night feeding an infant, so sleep was more valued than celebration… and I’ve slept right through most of them.

But not this year!

This year we feasted on food from around the world!


This year we blew into noise makers and lit off sparklers!


As 2016 rolled in, I hugged my loved ones and said “Happy New Year!”

…And it was a lot of fun!


(I get it, no promises on the future, but I get it!)
To commemorate the New Year on my blog, I started with a cookbook giveaway that celebrates family and food! (Seems befitting) I entered the number of comments on random.org and it selected #22. Congratulations Dave, you are the winner of Return to Sunday Dinner! (And Dave, aka dad, thank you for your support of my blog.) I look forward to checking out the Spam Cookbook, (a delicacy of Hawaii). Please contact me via email to claim your prize! 🎉

And thanks to Ryan French for many of my New Year’s photos!




  1. Wow! I am surprised to say the least. Random must really mean random. Among true organic epicureans (as much as possible) Spam is verboten. Yet to some at one time in space it was considered a delicacy. I loved it when I was young.

    Thank you… I hope that none of your more serious chef followers are disappointed. Maybe a Sunday dinner out of this new prize is in order. Does it have any Spam recipes?

    1. Congrats Pa! I entered in all of my participants (1-30 including Facebook, lol). When your number was selected I thought about selecting a new number for a second… but that would be process manipulation (which I’m against) and fair is fair! My blog followers are awesome, and are happy for you I’m sure! 🙂 Yes, I think you owe me a Sunday dinner! And sorry to say that although Spam has played a role in American cuisine, there are no such recipes in the book to my knowledge.

  2. A Happy New Year to you too! And you are correct, New Year becomes very different when you have children around. As for myself it`s not to the worse though. Our New Year`s evening has become perfect for me: cooking some nice appetizers, baking a birthday cake for Addison and actually there is no need for me to stay up after 12 😉 haha!

  3. Beautiful post and wonderful pictures! Congratulations to your Dad! 😀 (I’m assuming your Dad won after reading the comments?) That’s awesome!

    1. Thanks Amaya, yes we did! Although they are authentic (we have a great Mexican village nearby), I can’t take the credit. You have much to teach me! 😉

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